Are you dreaming of a new house and searching for a contemporary and economical solution at the same time? We would like to present our offer which will meet your expectation. We specialize in building skeleton wood houses. They are one-family houses which are very popular in United States, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany and recently in Poland. Our wooden houses will surely work in our climate.

We guarantee that this type of construction is economical. This means that you have lower costs associated with their construction compared to masonry houses. In addition, our wooden houses are cheaper to maintain, because we use energy-saving materials. Canadian houses due to the skeleton structure are quickly under construction. The time of doing this type of house is about 2 months.

Wood is an ecological building material. It has a positive impact on the well-being of home users, because it creates a health-friendly microclimate. As a natural material it also has high aesthetic qualities.

We will make a house tailored to your individual preferences - we give you the opportunity to create a unique home. Based on architectural solutions selected from among the available designs, we will finish your house in a unique way - you choose the colours of the plaster, walls or roof to your own taste. We also undertake house construction based on investor projects using our own materials.

We are currently one of the fastest growing companies in the construction industry in the region. The range of activity covers the West Pomeranian voivodenship. We operate comprehensively - we also offer roofing and facade work.

We can give you a house in the raw state, do all development work or pass a house ready for use.


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