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Construction stages


Choosing an interesting house project and sending it for pricing


Meeting to arrange details and signing a "reservation"


Works on the project, submission of an application for a building permit


Signing a proper contract


Starting construction works consisting of several stages


Your dream house is now ready!

We encourage you to check our photo-story gallery from construction stages!


House is a special place. We put an extra effort to meet Your expectation and make Your dreams of a perfect house come true. Each project is special for us, so You can be sure that we treat each client individually. A modern technology which we use to construct skeletal wood houses allows to gain effects true to your liking. Our realizations are characterized by high quality of functionality and aesthetics. You can count on our professional help because we have a knowledge gained from many years of experience. We guarantee a comprehensive support – from selecting the right project through the implementation of all construction and finishing works.


Why us?

An excellent and proven technology

A ready-made wooden houses are popular in United States, Canada, Scandinavia and Germany (where they are 25% of construction industry). An average amount of time needed for constructing Canadian type house is incomparably faster than classic masonry houses and lasts about three months.

An economical construction

Year-round wooden houses are cheap in building and maintaining. With using proper materials they are also energy-saving. Realization of house construction is based on unique implement procedures. Since we are a family business, we can reduce our costs at a significant extent which is reflected on affordable prices of our houses.

An individual construction

Each wooden house built by us is extraordinary. Every client can create their own unique house choosing from architectural solutions among available projects to the smallest details of finishing house such as - from the colour of the plaster, roof, exterior walls to hygiene facilities and terracotta. Building with our company, you can gain time, comfort and guaranteed effect.